Hello! I am Chitra Tatachar. I am a UI, UX designer and web front-end developer...
With my versatile abilities in design, web front-end development, and rapid prototyping in code, I craft aesthetically pleasing and functional user-interfaces and experiences that provide solutions to real-world challenges by utilizing data from usability testing and analytics. 
I have designed and coded many responsive web sites and web-applications with a mobile-first approach and a keen eye for web-performance optimization and accessibility.

I understand the why and how of user interface design and development, communicate with and educate clients about design, web standards, and usability decisions.
I am conversant with principles of graphic design, typography, and branding.

I have expertise in web usability, Search Engine Optimization, web analytics software, accessibility, web standards, web performance optimization, Content Management Systems, wireframing, HTML emails, providing technical specifications and guidance to cross-functional collaborating teams. 

I am passionate about learning and keeping up with current developments in technology.

Photography, travel, music and sustainability are some of my other interests.

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