Adobe Support (2.0): UI, UX development

Created responsive front-end coded (HTML, CSS/Sass, jQuery) interactive prototypes for Adobe Support websites redesign (Phase I) with performant, accessible, reusable modules and components while also reusing some pre-existing components which were utilized for preliminary user testing (moderated, unmoderated, Userzoom, A/B testing).  
The prototypes were also utilized by the collaborating engineering team as a basis/model for front-end code to create final CMS (AEM) based production website, reusing prototype code when possible. Assisted collaborating teams with specifications for layout, design, typography and interactions providing code snippets of CSS/Sass and jQuery as applicable; logging JIRA tasks, bugs as needed during sprints in an Agile development model.
Examples of a few final production URLs of these projects are below (may not exactly represent prototype code and may have minor presentational differences).
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