Adobe Support Hub (2.0): UI, UX development

Adobe Support Hub Portal website
My role: Front-end coding of the responsive support hub portal page (only the final version shown here) including multiple variations and iterations of UI, UX and micro-interactions for different viewports (small, medium, large screns), not all of which have made into final production site. Front-end development of UI; Front-end UX interactions, microinteractions and UI/UX pattern variations for mobile see bottom-most screenshots. Production site may vary to some extent from the prototype code.
Making necessary modifications to the prototype for tracking and testing of user interactions (needed to record clicks with multiple variations and landing pages, in a semi-static model) to be used for user interaction studies, A/B testing of pattern variations through userzoom.
Technology used: HTML, Sass/CSS, jQuery
Please note the production URL below utilizes only my front-end code for UI and UX work (client-side AngularJS and back-end integration provided by partnering team).
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