WVU Research Responsive Redesign: Main Sections

These are screenshots from my responsive redesign of WVU Research Portal website. A website used by WVU researchers, faculty, employees, public policy makers and general public interested in learning about WVU Research. Designed and coded by yours truly!!
*WVU Research has been redesigned since this writing and current website does not reflect the iteration described below.
Languages, Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Content Management System (WVU Slate based on Ruby on Rails). I've used a mobile-first, completely responsive framework, Foundation 4 (Sass version); Icomoon icon fonts, svg graphics, CSS sprites, Data URIs (limited).
This website was tested using Live testing on Browserstack on numerous mobile OSs, Firefox, Chrome, IE 11, IE 10, IE 9 and Yes even IE8! It was tested OK on numerous old and new real devices as well.
More Technical Details:
My Role: From concept to completion, including UX, Design and front-end coding. Content provided by various WVU writers.
The page below has a CSS only modal http://drublic.github.io/css-modal/ NO JS at all on modern browsers, but only a short script to make it work on IE8
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